Dig Deeper With a Background Check

In addition to the information you’ll receive from running a background check through BackgroundCheck.org, you’ll learn about:

This information can help you evaluate whether someone would be a safe and reliable hire, or whether a new neighbor or tenant has a history of violence or crime of which you should be wary. Learn more about how you can use a background check, and what you can learn about your own background check.


Background checks are used to minimize risk. The most common scenario for a background check is during the employment process. According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, 70% of employers use background checks to screen candidates for criminal histories.

Candidates who are applying for jobs that require financial responsibility are often screened based on their credit scores and financial histories. Additionally, public records and professional listings compiled during background checks can help employers confirm a candidate’s work history and qualifications, making it easier to spot false information on a CV.

Job Seekers

Job seekers can also benefit from running self-background checks. Even candidates with no criminal history or financial problems should run a background check to verify the public information tied to his or her name. Identity theft, inaccurate or missing information, and outdated traffic violations can all create red flags for employers. By conducting a self-background check, job seekers can assure they are being accurately represented and can meet potential problems head-on.

Family Members

Pre-employment background checks alleviate the risks of employing those who have criminal or irresponsible pasts, but what about the people closest to your family? If you have suspicions that someone could be negatively influencing a family member’s life, a quick background check could reveal very real reasons for concern.

For example, if an ex-spouse is in a relationship with a person of questionable character, a background check could provide evidence that your child should not be exposed to his or her influence. Background checks can be powerful tools to help protect the people you love.