8 Bizarre Unsolved Missing Persons Cases You Haven’t Heard About

Vanished, unexplained, and still missing. Millions of missing persons cases remain unsolved, forever filed as open investigations. Though many cases attract national attention and are broadcasted on multiple news mediums, many fall into obscurity. Here are some eerie and bizarre unsolved missing persons cases you probably haven’t heard about:


  1. Molly’s Unsolved Abduction Case

    Molly Bish, a 16-year-old lifeguard, disappeared in 2000 in her hometown of Warren, Massachusetts. She was last scene when her mother, Magi Bish, dropped her off at a local swimming hole, where she worked. Molly’s towel, backpack and first-aid kit were still there at the scene when officials were notified of her disappearance, just a couple hours after her boss realized Molly was not at her post. A massive search under the supervision of Worcester County District Attorney John Conte and hundreds of volunteers at the time was the most costly in Massachusetts’ history. It surfaced no leads or answers. Three years later, after no strong leads, a piece of Molly’s clothing was discovered on a wooded hillside about five miles from where she was last seen. With further searching of the area, Molly’s bones were uncovered. Although there have been suspects tied to her disappearance, no evidence could link anyone to Molly Bish’s disappearance and murder.

  2. Diane Louise Augat

    Last seen on April 10, 1998, Diane left her home in Pasco County, Florida, never to be seen again. She battled manic depression, alcoholism, and drug addictions years prior to her disappearance. A peculiar voicemail was left at her home less than a week after her family reported her missing. The voice on the other end said “Help, Help” followed by scuffling sounds. The call was traced to a local business called Starlight, but with further investigation, nothing surfaced. On April 15, 1998, Augat’s severed right middle finger was discovered in the New York Avenue area, and a bag of Augat’s possessions were found two years later at a convenience store in Pasco, Florida. The last place Augat was seen before her disappearance was the Coral Sands Motel, which was managed by Gary Robert Evers, who was charged with an unrelated murder in 2001. He remains a suspect in Augat’s case, but so far, her case remains a cold case; authorities still suspect foul play in her disappearance.

  3. Missing: Three Marysville Kids

    An amber alert for three children who allegedly have been taken from Marysville, Wash. by their parents with violent histories was issued on June 12, 2012. The case involves the children’s father, Curtis Drakeford, who is under investigation for striking the children with his fists just a year ago; he was charged with molestation and domestic violence. A family relative notified Child Protective Services that the children’s mother, Ashley Todd, would be taking the kids to South Carolina, which violated Todd’s and Drakeford’s custody agreement. CPS also believes this move might be an effort to deny the program custody of her children. The whereabouts of the children — Cursten, Kali, and Ashton Drakeford — are still being investigated by local authorities.

  4. Adam Hecht’s Disappearance

    Son of a famous movie producer from Beverly Hills, 24-year-old Adam Hecht went missing after he had befriended and taken in a homeless man named Tony. Family members told officials Adam changed entirely, in a negative way, after he developed a close friendship with Tony, who is the prime suspect in Adam’s disappearance. On June 10,1989, Adam’s brother hadn’t heard from Adam in days and went to his apartment, where he found Tony, but not Adam. The Hechts reported Adam missing, but after years of investigation, no evidence was found to support their theory that Tony was responsible. Adam’s car was found abandoned on a Beverly Hills side street, his valuables (keys, wallet, and jacket) were still found in the car. The case remains unsolved to this day.

  5. The Beaumont Children

    A case from 1966 was reopened in 2007 after police reviewed television archive footage that appeared to show one of South Australia’s most notorious convicted killers at the scene of an early search for three missing children: Jane, Arnna, and Grant Beaumont, last seen on Glenelg Beach in 1966. The footage revealed the identity of a young man who had a striking resemblance to a youthful Bevan Spencer von Einem, who was suspected but never convicted of killing four young men in the late 1970s, known as the Family Murders. There have been several cases of child murder where the killer returned to the crime scene to observe investigations. In this case, no concrete evidence could be established linking Mr. Einem to the murders; the case remains unsolved.

  6. Missing Man From Vancouver, Matthew Huszar

    University of B.C. geology grad Matthew Huszar had no known financial, mental health, or drug problems. He was last seen on Dec. 16, 2011 leaving the Lamplighter pub. After canvassing the area, and talking to businesses and Huszar’s close ones, there have been absolutely no clues to the missing man’s whereabouts.

  7. Elizabeth Ann Pfeifer

    On April 12, 1986, Elizabeth left a party in Katy, Texas with a man she did not know named James Wesley Hopgood. He told officials he returned with Elizabeth to Katy, stopping at a gas station, where Elizabeth engaged in conversation with a man in a brown pickup truck. They seemed well-acquainted, and Elizabeth left with the man. Since there was no evidence against Hopgood, only his statement to officials were taken, and the case remains unsolved.

  8. The Disappearance Sierra LaMar

    Sierra LaMar, from Morgan Hill, California¬† missed her bus to Sobrato High School and his been missing since March 2012. A suspect driving a red 1998 Volkswagen Jetta is thought to be linked to her disappearance. Twenty-one-year-old Antolin Garcia Torres, a Morgan Hill resident, was arrested on May 21, 2012 after officials found DNA in his car, a likely match to that of Sierra’s. Without more information, police cannot convict Torres, and the search is ongoing to solve Sierra’s disappearance.