Background Check Employment

Employment Requiring a Background Check

There are several careers where a background check is a standard part of employment consideration. Designed to protect people and provide an additional layer of security against theft, background checks are becoming increasingly common. If you are looking for work, here are some of the jobs where you can expect to undergo a background check.

Positions Working with Children

Whether you are applying for a job as a teacher, a janitor in a school, or a daycare worker, you will probably be put through a background check. This is necessary not only for the safety of the children, but it also limits the liability of your employer. State agencies and private companies need to know that you are honest and forthcoming with information. They have to ensure that you are not a sex offender, and they want to know that you are stable to ensure the well-being of the children you will be around.

Corporate Executives and Officers

The Enron debacle continues to have a profound impact on modern society. In addition to changing laws regarding accounting transparency with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, most companies are now requiring that corporate officers go through background checks. The increased scrutiny is in place to help ensure that officers are honest and financially solvent. The inspections are meant to help prevent embezzlement, fraud, insider trading activities, and the theft of company secrets.

Positions Working with Large Sums of Money

Embezzlement costs companies billions of dollars every year. Committed by employees and often going undetected for months or years, this is a very pervasive crime. Ranging from illegal kickbacks to not recording cash transactions, the cost to a company is incredibly high. In an attempt to avoid adding an embezzler to the team, many companies are now requiring background checks if people will have access to money or financial records. Research and experience has shown that embezzlers leave a suspicious trail, and clues can be found with a thorough background inspection. If you are interested in working in finance or the banking industry, you should plan on a hiring company requesting a background check.

Access to Personal Records

A receptionist in a doctor’s office may not have access to cash, but he or she does have access to personal information. In this age of identity theft, personal records must be protected and secured from prying eyes. If you will have access to customer’s personal information, then your employer has a vested interest in running a background check on you. Taking the time to perform thorough inspections shows due diligence and a strong desire to protect client information. It’s a simple step that can help them avoid problems and limit their liability should an employee steal information.

Government Jobs

Government positions are contingent upon a background check. It is largely standard practice, and you will have to be prepared for it if you are applying for any kind of government work. With some positions, such as at the Pentagon or with the CIA, it’s a matter of maintaining national security. Other positions, like those for the Social Security Administration or social workers, are dealing with a lot of personal information that must be protected. Throughout the government, there is a desire to make sure that employees are honest and trustworthy before they are added to the government payroll.

Police Work

The last thing any police department wants is a corrupt officer causing problems. Trusted with so much information, valuable evidence and power, it is vital that these civil servants are honest and have a clean past. Whether you are applying to be a dispatcher or you hope to work your way up to detective, you will have to start by going through a background check.

Knowing that a company is performing a background check on you can be upsetting, even if you know there is nothing there to find. However, this investigation is necessary to help protect the people that will be around you, along with their information and their finances. Effective at preventing embezzling and keeping child predators out of the classroom, background checks are an important part of the hiring process for private companies and government agencies alike.