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Free Resources for Background Checks

Landowners and businesses perform various types of background checks on prospective tenants, and credit card and employment applicants. The types of background checks may include criminal, civil, family, traffic and credit history. However, with the amount of information available from sources, especially the internet, not all information that is available is legal to obtain for the person/business conducting background investigations. The following sites offer more information on such legal guidelines:

These sites clearly define the purpose of a background check in any given situation. They also specify all legal aspects of such checks and offer remedies for people when their legal rights have been violated. Legal professionals recommend that people conduct their own background checks in order to ascertain accuracy. In the event that a background check produces such inaccuracies, these sites offer suggestions on how to take action to correct false information.

When proceeding with a background check, the first inclination is to find out what is available for free. When conducting a search through a search engine and using the phrase “free background check,” the results will produce millions of results. The problem is that the majority of the background checks are not free. The search on each individual site is free but the person or business wishing to see the results is going to have to pay. Or, the searches and results are free and unlimited but those unlimited searches require a paid membership. The question still remains, “What resources for conducting background checks are really free?”

Local Courthouse

The good news is that in most county courthouses, anyone can personally look through court records and find criminal, traffic, family or civil history on any individual for free. The difficulty lies in knowing every county courthouse’s jurisdiction that the individual may have lived or visited. In addition, as courthouses continue to upgrade their computer systems, many older records may not be available on their current computer systems. The records are still there but it may require the individual doing the searching to look through various file cabinets to find records that date earlier than 20 or so years.

Registered Sex Offender Site

Perhaps one of the biggest concerns of many families is that of sex offenders. People may visit the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW) and search by entering a name in order to determine if the individual in question is a registered sex offender. This is a national site and if offenders attempt to foil the system by not updating where they live, the searching party may alert authorities that the offender is not keeping his or her records current.

Internet Search

Another free method that people can use to conduct background checks on others is to do a search on a major search engine such as Google. This can be a painstaking process as people have a tendency to use nicknames. For example, an individual with the birth name of Jeffrey may go by the name of Jeff. In addition, some reports on an individual may or may not include a middle name or middle initial. People conducting searches may have to conduct several searches with more than one name for the same individual.

In addition to searching on the internet by using an individual’s name, the searcher may include the city and state where the individual lives. This can also be a complex search as the name of the city has to be exact. The individual doing a search may have different results when searching a name in New York City from when searching the same name in the Bronx or Queens.

Social Networking Sites

Internet search results may produce several results that are worth checking. The search results may lead to accounts that the party keeps current including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others. In employment situations, employers may compare profiles on various sites with the applicant’s application and/or resume.

Credit Reporting Sites

Of all the background checks that people may wish to conduct on themselves is the credit check. There are numerous credit checking companies that offer legitimate services and will even offer their services for free. These companies offer a free trial for 30 days in the hopes that the consumer finds value in their service and chooses to continue for a fee. It is a simple matter of registering with a credit or debit card and taking note of the toll free customer service number in the event that the individual chooses to discontinue the service.