Background Check Online

Helpful Sites for Conducting Your Own Online Background Check

Whether hiring an employee or assessing a potential date, sometimes you want some additional information about a person to make sure they’re who they appear to be. Although numerous background check companies exist to provide this information, sometimes it makes more sense to do some sleuthing on your own first. The internet has made it easier than ever to get information about people. Even simply typing a person’s name in Google can help reveal lots of information, and specialized sites exist to provide a more thorough background check.

Here are a few things you should look into, and places to find them:

When running criminal checks, bear in mind that you can only search on a statewide or countywide basis. This is why obtaining a history of changing addresses for the individual is important. If they have lived in other areas in the past, you may need to run several searches in order to obtain accurate information.

You can also request that the potential employee obtain a comprehensive background check through the FBI. These checks, called Identification Records, can only be requested by the person they are about. They are extremely thorough, however, and most employees should be willing to submit for one if requested. You can get more details about them here

Social Networking

Beyond searching public records, it may also be a good idea to find a person’s social networking profiles such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or others. This can quickly give you an idea of how a person acts from day to day, how they feel about previous employers and if they may be misrepresenting themselves to you. More and more employers are using Facebook as a way to see what employees are like and whether they’ll be a good fit for a company.

Check Yourself

Bear in mind that not all background check websites are wholly accurate and up-to-date. Government sites are usually more accurate than private websites, but you will need to search more government sites to get all of the records that you need.

It’s a good idea to review the sites and even run a search on yourself to get an idea of how accurate the information is. Running a background check on yourself semi-regularly is a good idea anyway, as it will enable you to see if there is anything on the web that may be incorrect or damaging to your reputation.

In the Information Age, it’s harder to keep secrets and remain anonymous. By conducting your own online background check, you can be relatively comfortable in knowing that the people you deal with are truly who they say they are.