Background Check Reviews

Reviews of the Top Background Check Companies

Background searches offer effective ways to protect your property, business, and family members from the consequences of dealing with criminals, pedophiles or violent people. Background checks have replaced the classic practice of calling references that often failed to provide accurate, unbiased information.

The Top Five Reviews

Multiple issues define the selection of the following services for review, including popularity, price, thoroughness of their investigations, and report options.

  1. EfindOutTheTruth

    This company offers a low basic membership fee of only $14.95 per month, and members can choose from among 57 reporting options, easily eclipsing the offerings of any other service reviewed. Consumers can build custom reports from the many options, and private investigators increase the reliability of reports and enhance individual targeting capabilities.

    The reports prove affordable, thorough, and confidential, leading to a high degree of customer satisfaction. Clients can choose from criminal records searches, driving records, credit reports, workers compensation histories, lawsuits, real estate records, civil actions, sexual offender searches, and social networking activity reports. The company includes reports from all over the world, making results more comprehensive and affordable than any other service reviewed.

  2. U.S. Search

    Basic search options include various degrees of investigating detail. The company does not provide international information, but it does offer a no-fee guarantee if it fails to uncover information. You can choose from instant searchers, comprehensive reports which take 24 hours, and assisted searches.

    The company website offers user-friendly operation, and the results generally prove reliable. However, the company offers automatic renewal of monthly service fees. You could easily sign up for service by accident, and the company will continue to charge your credit card. Consumers can temporarily block some information from appearing on company reports, which could be troubling. Monthly membership runs $39.95 and includes three free searches and two reverse phone checks.

  3. Intelius

    Intelius delivers solid background details that raise it to the top of review lists. Optional privacy services and reputation management help you address inaccuracies in your own report. The company not only utilizes public records but also integrates data from commercial databases. These additional resources increase the scope of information about individuals’ personal habits, cell phone numbers, and email addresses.

    The company receives the common complaint among top providers that subscriptions often access your credit card without clear warnings, and you will find getting a refund impossible. Some of the data from commercial databases proves unreliable. The variety of reports available do not match some of the other services, but most consumers can find a wealth of information including sex offender checks, property ownership information, employment history, driving records, commercial records, and credit checks. Basic subscription is $49.95 per month.

  4. Lexis Nexis Screening Solutions

    The sheer volume of sales demands this company be included because it conducted the most screenings in the last year – more than 14 million. The company has operated since 1994, and it maintained the world’s largest database until 2006. Company background checks prove quite thorough and informative, and each check can be tailored for the specific purpose for which it is intended.

    In fact, the company offers so many options for reports that determining a standard price proves untenable. Numerous complaints to the Better Business Bureau have gone unanswered, so the company suffers customer service problems. The company has a rock solid reputation in other areas, and it has helped solve thousands of missing children cases in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

  5. PeopleFinders

    This rapidly growing company specializes in locating people rather than detailed employment histories or credit checks, but many people appreciate finding lost friends or missing loved ones. You can also investigate your current love interest, potential tenants, or job applicants. The company utilizes multiple databases to uncover proprietary information. The monthly member’s fee costs $49.95 per month, but you can order an individual report for just a few dollars.

    Clients can choose from eight custom types of reports. The low prices prove impressive considering that private investigators oversee every search for accuracy. The most comprehensive reports include criminal histories, address searches, known associates, judgments and lawsuits, social network profiles, and personal information. Reports do not include driving records, employment verifications, or credit reports. The company organized a decade ago. Clients can use inexpensive searches to try to locate friends and family members, and order more detailed reports if the first search turns up information.

  6. Choosing the right background check company can meet your needs and offers flexible options for custom reports.