Background Check Services

Services Offered by Background Check Companies

Background screenings save time, money, embarrassment, and costly mistakes. Business background checks provide information on a company’s reliability and solvency. Employment screening identifies potential problems of absenteeism, dishonesty, or drug use. Personal investigations turn up useful facts that could warn of potential fraud or infidelities.

Criminal background checks provide evidence of dishonesty, violent tendencies, or sexual abuse. Governments throughout the country require screenings to identify pedophiles or people with questionable characters. Many states require investigation of employment applicants for sensitive positions. These jobs include working with children, medical patients, or vulnerable, disabled or elderly people. Financial services, government positions, or people with access to confidential information must often pass intensive background investigations.

Choice of Investigating Firms

Numerous firms conduct forms of background screenings at many different levels of thoroughness. Advanced search technology and multiple government, commercial, and private databases have facilitated industry growth. Private individuals, small businesses, and major corporations authorize checks for many useful reasons.

Consumers can order a single inquiry or buy a membership that entitles them to multiple checks. The price depends on the company, type of check, and whether an individual has a membership. Some checks only use computers, but many companies employ qualified investigators to supervise the gathering of data.

Types of Background Checks

Information included in background checks depends on the investigating company’s internal policy and the level of service customers select.