Background Check Websites

Characteristics of a Reliable Background Check Website

Finding out background information on an individual is often a part of making important decisions about the person. Whether the background check is performed for the purpose of hiring new employees or it is a personal matter, finding a reliable website is not always a simple task. Understanding the characteristics of a reliable website is the first step of ensuring that the information provided is true, accurate and updated.

Contact Information

A reliable website will always provide contact information that is accurate, easy to find and allows consumers or business owners the opportunity to ask questions to a representative at any time.

Contact information should include some information about the company and a legitimate address. While a P.O. Box address is an appropriate type of address, the company should also have a physical address available for clients who are interested in finding out more information about the company.

A reliable company address should also be located in the United States. Any company that has a foreign address is not likely to provide accurate information because the details needed from court records sometimes require going to the county court directly to find out the information.

Beyond an address, a company website should always have a phone number. Upon calling the number, consumers should be able to get to a representative to ask questions and find out more information about the business. If the company does not have a phone number, then it should at least have an email address. Upon sending a message, consumers should receive a reply within a 24 hour time period and it should always be a personal message rather than a computer generated response.

Limited Guarantees

A legitimate background check takes time to complete. While anyone is able to find out information related to public records, sex offender registries and similar data, a full search of data will usually take much longer than a few days. As a result, a website that does not make a promise to find out all of the details relating to the individual within an unreasonably short amount of time is usually a good source of information.

Consumers and business owners should always use caution when looking for online websites that provide background checks. Many websites will offer instant results or results within 24 hours. These results are usually inaccurate, incomplete or have only a small portion of the required information.

It takes time to find out all of the information needed in a complete background check, particularly if the individual has lived in several counties or states. The more moves an individual has, the longer results take to discover because the records of the individual are scattered around different areas.

A website that does not make many guarantees is usually the best choice. Guarantees should only offer a promise to find accurate information without a set time limit. This is a sign that the website is offering a legitimate and thorough service.

Details of Information Provided

The best websites will provide information to consumers about what information is provided, what is not given in the background check and where the data comes from. Since it is difficult for a background check to provide all of the information about any individual, particularly those who have moved often, it is important to learn what the website is offering.

In most cases, a legitimate and certified website will detail the information pulled in the background check in a frequently asked questions section or as a separate page on the website. The details will tell where the information is obtained, how the company ensures accuracy and what is not pulled during the background check.

A thorough background check strives to find out as much information as possible, but it is not always possible to find out every detail because of changes of address, various county records or lost records that might occur. Consumers and potential employers need to understand what is provided and what is not given during the check before paying for any services. Reliable websites will always have this information clearly laid out.

Getting a reliable background check through the internet is not always a simple task. Websites vary in the information provided, the accuracy of the data and the amount of information issued during the background check. The most reliable websites will clearly state contact information, the details of data provided in the search, and any certification required for the service, and will limit the guarantees offered to consumers.