Background Screening Companies

Researching Background Screening Companies

Conducting a background check on an individual is often a necessary part of a hiring process for any employer. The problem is that so many screening companies offer services and finding the best company will require researching the business. Despite the time required for research, looking up specific information on the company will make a difference between working with the best services and getting potentially inaccurate results.

Ask Other Companies for Referrals

Referrals from other business owners is the first step in narrowing down the companies that are among the best and eliminating a large portion of services that are not appropriate to the needs of a hiring professional. Referrals help determine what other employers are using and the satisfaction rates of others in a similar position.

The best referrals for any service come from business owners who are in a similar field. For example, a business owner who is conducting background checks for drivers will want to ask for referrals from other company owners who need drivers for different services. This helps ensure that the screening service will run a check on the appropriate categories and not just the basic criminal check.

Referrals narrow down the choices to a reasonable number of potential companies. In general, it is best to have at least three different background screening companies in mind before looking further into the business.

Perform Online Research

Basic online research starts with simply typing in the company’s name. Look for a company website. Even a background screening service that works in person should have a website with a little information regarding the details of information that is available for business owners. The best companies will have a user-friendly website that makes finding out information about the company’s history very easy.

Beyond reviewing the company website, business owners should take time to look for reports of rip off services, complaints from other clients and official websites designed to help consumers identify the best companies.

Look at the Better Business Bureau’s website to determine if the company has a high rating or a poor rating. The BBB will rate businesses based on consumer complaints, how complaints are managed, the efficiency of handling dissatisfaction and the company stability. An A+ rating suggests that the company has few complaints, a high level of satisfaction and is financially stable. Business owners should use caution when the rating is C or below because it suggests that problems might arise. A young company might not have a rating because of a lack of information.

Looking for legitimacy through the Attorney General’s office is also an important part of online research. A company that is able to provide services legally in the state should have the name registered with the state’s Attorney General’s office in most situations. This might not apply if the only services provided are checks into the federal records rather than the state records.

Narrow Down the Choices

After conducting research, it is best to start narrowing down the possibilities. Depending on the number of referrals and different websites available, the process of narrowing the choices might be simple or complicated.

Start narrowing the choices based on the research. A background screening company that has a low rating, several complaints and potential problems that are outlined in consumer reviews are best to avoid. Eliminate companies that seem to have a high number of complaints or problems that arise. This is particularly true if reviews state that the company provided inaccurate information or limited information that does not help in the process of hiring new employees.

After narrowing from the reviews and online data, the next step of narrowing the choices is the type of services provided. In most situations, the company website should provide information on what background data is provided and what is not given when using their services. If the company is missing information that is needed for a hiring decision, then eliminate it from the selection.

Quotes and Selection

The final part of researching the company is obtaining a quote. The quotes are usually available by calling the screening company’s website, providing information about the necessary services and asking for a quote. The quote is an estimated cost of the services. After finding out the price, make a decision about the best company.

Background screening companies are not all the perfect fit for a business owner. Taking time to research the company is the only way to determine the best option.