Basics of Background Checks

  • How Are Background Checks Done?

    Conducting a background check can be as complex as ordering a series of reports and as simple as doing an Internet search. The best method to use varies, depending on the intent behind the background check. If you just want a sense of how the person in question spends his or her time, looking at […]

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  • What Is and Isn’t Revealed Through a Background Check?

    The information revealed through background checks varies based the extent of the background check. Simply researching public records will provide information on birth certificates, marriage licenses, divorce documents, and death certificates. A more thorough background check — especially one conducted through a verified third-party company — will provide a more in depth look into a […]

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  • Who Performs Background Checks and Why?

    Background checks are valuable tools that exist to help businesses, employers, loan officers, and other professionals make decisions about whether or not they want to extend privileges to certain individuals. Before offering someone a job or a loan, businesses and banks want to verify information about the person in question and ensure that they are […]

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