Who Performs Background Checks and Why?

Background checks are valuable tools that exist to help businesses, employers, loan officers, and other professionals make decisions about whether or not they want to extend privileges to certain individuals. Before offering someone a job or a loan, businesses and banks want to verify information about the person in question and ensure that they are working with someone responsible and trustworthy. To do this, professionals examine a person’s history by viewing criminal, financial, and public records. The following is a list of professionals that may seek information about a person’s background.

However, background checks are not limited to professionals. The average, everyday person can perform a background check if he or she is concerned about someone — whether that person is a significant other or someone offering their services, such as a babysitter or housekeeper. Below is a list of potential reasons that an average person may have for ordering a background check.

Whether you are dealing with national security or just the security of your own home, safety is a concern. Knowing information about the people you choose to allow into your life is just good sense. Before you entrust your money, children, or even yourself into the hands of other people, consider running background checks. Not only will this give you insight into a person’s history, but it will also save you the trouble of worrying about the people in whom you’ve placed your trust.