Complete Background Check

When Should I Perform a Complete Background Check?

Performing a complete background check is not always a necessity for employers or individuals. In many situations, a partial background check into one or two particular categories is enough. While it is not always necessary to perform a complete check, some situations warrant taking that extra time to find out everything available about an individual.

Checking Individuals Working with Children

Any time children are involved, it is important to perform a complete and thorough background check on the individual. Children are not able to protect themselves and thus require adults who are involved with providing for their safety to check into anyone who can potentially harm them.

Parents should always run a complete background check on a potential nanny, tutors or other individuals who are likely to have a great deal of interaction with their children and who have not already been checked. In most situations, parents will not need to worry about teachers because a complete background check has already been performed.

Employers who are hiring employees to work with children, such as teachers or daycare centers, will also need to run a complete background check to ensure the safety of students. The full background check provides peace of mind that situations like child molestation, child abuse or neglect will not occur.

Bringing in Roommates or Tenants

Bringing in a new roommate, tenant or another individual into a home or personal property requires a full background check. A credit check and employment verification are not enough because the individual is living in the same building or in a personal property where the landlord is liable.

A situation that involves a tenant, roommate or similar individual coming into a personal property requires a complete background check into criminal history, credit information and all of the details relating to the individual. Even finding out if the person was previously married or is currently married is important to ensure the safety of everyone in the establishment.

A New Relationship

Anyone who is dating someone new or thinking about dating an individual should consider getting a complete background check. This might not be necessary for that childhood friend with whom you grew up, but it is important for those who do not know the individual well or who started the relationship online.

Online relationships in particular need a full and complete background check for personal safety. The internet is full of individuals who are predators, making claims of being someone else and other criminals who make it seem that they are safe and harmless.

A serious relationship requires finding out about the individual. Learning whether a crime was committed, the nature of a crime that was committed, potential problems with an ex, their financial situation and other details can put the mind at ease.

Hiring a Caregiver

Anyone who is hiring a caregiver for an elderly family member or a disabled individual should always conduct a thorough background check on the individual. A caregiver has access to people who are vulnerable physically or mentally. This individual should not have a criminal record or any other negative mark that can lead to taking advantage of the person under their care.

Partial Background Check Considerations

A complete background check is not always a necessity. Most situations will only need a background check for criminal behavior or a credit check to determine if the individual is qualified. A complete background check looks into everything from birth records to criminal history, credit history and even marriage records. This type of background check is used for situations where a partial check is not enough to determine the individual’s qualifications.

A complete background check is possible at any time, but it is not always a necessity. Certain situations only require a partial background check to ensure the individual is appropriate for a job, new debts or similar details. A complete check is best for situations involving children, elderly or personal relationships.