Don’t Let Criminal Offenses Derail Your Job Search

In an ideal world, the mistakes we make wouldn’t haunt us forever. Unfortunately, in the real world, moments of stupidity and youthful (or not so youthful) indiscretion can leave a permanent and harmful record, one that can make it hard to find a job with an employer who conducts background checks.

While you might not be able to erase an arrest or criminal charge, you can help ease its impact on a potential employer’s decision to hire you by being open, honest, and forthcoming about your past. Follow these general guidelines for handling issues about your past infractions:

Of course, there are things you can do to help you moderate the impact of more specific kinds of charges, too. Here are some of common (and often minor) criminal charges that you may have to address with employer, as well as some tips on how to explain and minimize their impact.

While we might not condone criminal activity, small offenses shouldn’t ruin your life forever, keeping you from finding work and getting on with your life. You may not be able to erase the past, but you can use these tips to help you better learn from it and move on in the future.