Employment Background Check

Why Background Checks are Essential to Employers

The hiring process is time-consuming and expensive. Ads are pricey, and the lost hours start to add up over the course of filling a position. It’s in your best interest to make the right hiring decision the first time around, and a background check will help you accomplish that. An important tool in the hiring process, background checks will help you save a great deal of money in the end.

Truthful Applications

When making a decision, you rely largely on the information provided to you by the applicant. This includes skills, abilities and experience. Unfortunately, not everyone applying to your company is going to be honest. Some of the most charming applicants with perfect information on paper prove to be nothing more than frighteningly good liars. Investing in a background check is the best way to confirm that the information you are basing a decision on is accurate and complete.

While the background check carries some expense, consider the expense of discovering problems after the person has started working for the company. If they turn out to lack necessary qualifications, then you will lose time, money and customers due to their errors. After they are removed from the position, you will find yourself dealing with the expense of hiring another applicant. If they’ve been there for a few months, then you could also lose money fighting their unemployment claim. It’s far more affordable to avoid these problems from the beginning by confirming that everything they claim is accurate.

Criminals Not Allowed

Not every company will press charges against someone for embezzlement or theft. Sometimes, they are just happy to see them leave without causing any more damage. While a criminal check will catch some criminals, a thorough background investigation will catch the ones who managed to escape prosecution in the past. You will prevent shrinkage and spare yourself a great deal of headaches in the future.

Even if former employers won’t admit that the applicant was caught stealing, the clues are still available through other sources. The credit report is a source of red flags, as well as the overall job history. Most applicants are not going to admit that they have a problem with sticky fingers, but you can uncover that fact before it’s too late with a background check.


Regardless of the business you are in, you need stable people operating the posts. They should be reliable, trustworthy and able to work effectively with your customers and clients. A thorough background check includes interviews with past employers and even neighbors. It’s a great way to confirm that the person you are adding to the team will not only be a good match, but it also shows that they possess the stability required in modern businesses. A background check is a small price to pay to avoid hiring someone who has a poor work ethic or likes to complain openly about his or her employers in public forums.

Eliminate Negligent Lawsuits

Another factor that must be considered is the current trend of negligent hiring lawsuits. If you unknowingly hire someone with a criminal record and they assault someone while working for you, then you could be liable for the damages. The more easily accessible the information is, the more likely you are to face a negligent hiring suit. A quality background check would reveal a dangerous past, allowing you to protect your employees, clients and company by choosing another applicant.

Legal Requirement

There are also some jobs where you are legally required to run a background check. The federal government runs background checks on all of its employees, but most states also require that you request a background check on anyone who will work with children or be entrusted with care of the elderly. If you are hiring for a position requiring a background check, then you should protect yourself and minimize liability by investing in a quality investigation.

In this age of stiff competition, tight profit margins and negligent hiring liabilities, you must be extremely cautious and vigilant about the people you add to your team. A background check is a small expense, and it becomes more attractive when you consider the hidden costs associated with hiring someone who is unqualified, unstable or even dangerous. A smart investment in your business, employers should conduct background checks on every person they are considering adding to the team.