Free Background Check

Free Background Checks: What’s Included

Getting a background check performed on any individual is a legal right. Employers frequently run a background check on potential employees to avoid problems that might occur as a result of criminal history. With so many services offering free and pay-for options, understanding the key differences and what is included in the free services will determine which option is best for the situation.

Included Information

The first part of making use of a free background check is understanding the information provided and learning what is not included in the results. While specifics can vary by service and website, most of the free services do have limitations on the information issued to the consumer or potential employer.

Most free background checks will give only basic information. For example, a website might answer whether the individual has been convicted of a crime and whether it was a misdemeanor or a felony. While the answer to the crime question is often provided, the details are not usually issued on a free background check through a company.

It is important to note that in some states a traffic violation is sometimes reported as a misdemeanor in a background check. This means that without viewing the details, it is not always possible to determine if the supposed crime is serious enough to prevent hiring a potential employee.

Beyond giving a basic answer about criminal history, many free background check services will provide other public information such as a current address or whether the individual is married. This information may or may not be updated, depending on the frequency the website or service updates information.

Phone numbers, physical addresses and similar information is usually provided in a free background check. In some situations, an email address might also be provided for free, though this will vary based on the particular service.

Not Included Details

In most cases, the free background check services performed by a company will not provide any details. The basic data, however, is usually provided, such as whether a person was convicted.

In the case of marriage records, birth records or similar information, the details are usually not given. A background check might state that an individual is married, but will not provide details of when the marriage took place or the location of the marriage.

Advantages of Free Services

A free background check does have some advantages that make it worth the search for some individuals. While the information might not provide enough details for a hiring decision or to determine factors like whether children are safe with a new nanny, it can provide enough information to determine if further digging is necessary.

The key advantage of the free check is that it will not cost a penny. Since the information is provided for free, it is a convenient way to find out data without wasting money unnecessarily.

Beyond the low cost, it also helps determine if it is necessary to look deeper into the problem. For example, an individual who comes up as having no criminal record will not require further searching. Those who show a criminal record without the details might require looking into the situations deeper and paying for the service.

Pay Services vs. Free Services

When it comes to determining whether to pay for a background check or use a free service instead, it is important to note the key differences. In most situations, the differences are related to the amount of information provided and the number of records searched in the background check.

Beyond providing more details, paid services will often offer more records. A paid background check will look into a wide range of records rather than focusing on only a specific type of record.

Free services will usually only have a specific type of record provided. For example, free criminal background checks will only look into criminal records and will not provide information about whether the individual is married, birth records, divorce records or any other detail that is not related to crimes. This limitation can waste time.

Free background checks are useful for those who do not want to waste months seeking information personally or who do not need detailed data. While a free check is useful for basic data, it is not enough when detailed information is a necessity.