How do the New Security Features Affect you on Facebook?

In 2004 the world was introduced to a social media site that would forever change the way we think about interacting with the world around us. What started out as a way for college students to connect quickly turned into a site that would connect the whole world. As Facebook continues to grow and change, there are features that continue to change. Do all of these changes help or hurt your online security? Is there a way that people can look into your background information through information learned on Facebook? In an era where your identity can be stolen online, it is important that you know of any dangers that can be hidden by having a Facebook profile. If everyone understood the ways in which Facebook affects us they would be able to protect their identity a little better.

How Secure are Your Apps and Your Page?

When you are on Facebook there are now a lot of games and apps that you can use to make your experience online a little more entertaining. However, with the threat of your information being stolen, many people have stayed away from these applications. Is there really a reason to be afraid? Facebook currently offers users more than 500,000 games, puzzles, and quizzes. In the past these applications have been accused of accessing privacy information from users and their friends. Though Facebook has always been against this abuse, people’s low security settings were allowing these applications to obtain user information. Though Facebook was against the abuse, it also appeared that they were not willing to stop the problem. Now there is a new application that you can rate Facebook applications’ privacy for you. This application called Privacyscore, will estimate how safe your apps are based on the information that they are pulling from you. When in doubt, there are some things that you do not want on your profile like your phone number. Also, make sure that applications that you use do not track your GPS location. You never know who can be using these tools to find out where you are at all times.


If you have been dodging Facebook timeline for months, you probably thought you were clever. Now there is no escaping it. Facebook is currently updating all users to their timeline page. Many thought that the new design was cool when it first came out. Then people realized that people will now have access to everything that they have done on the site since they joined. Good luck trying to hide your crazy past from your new boyfriend now. Now all users will have to try to remember what they were doing seven years ago on the site and try to hide their embarrassing ways. Not all timeline changes have been bad. Recently, Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg got an idea while at dinner with his girlfriend. He is now hoping that people will be able to use the timeline to find organ donors. The idea is still in the development stage but Facebook is in talks to team up with Donate Life America in an effort to help donors and recipients find organ matches.

Government and Military Tracking

You have probably heard jokes about Facebook being “big brother.” The site has been accused of keeping track of citizens for the government. Currently, the social networking site is lobbying a new law called the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act. Under this proposal, private companies would be able to spy on their users and share whatever information they want with the government. The hope is that it will actually catch people in acts of online piracy, but the invasion of privacy has citizens alarmed. Many are even confused about why Facebook is agreeing to this proposal since they shut down several similar proposals. It is their thought that it will help them receive threat data from the government. Our country is now alone in using Facebook to their advantage. The military in Israel developed a system that would allow social media to monitor people’s information online. They stand by their stance saying that they are only doing it so that they might find information that would be harmful to national security. Whatever their intentions, many are concerned that it will be an invasion on people’s everyday information. Food for though: if you wouldn’t want people to see it, you probably shouldn’t put it out there for the world to see.

If you are concerned about how Facebook affects you and your information, then be sure you do your research and find out how you can protect yourself. You should have the power over who has access to your background information and who does not.