Instant Background Check

Beware of Instant Background Checks

Running a background check on any individual is not a task that takes only a few minutes. Typically it is necessary to dig deeper into courts and records to find out all of the details on an individual. Any business owner or individual who is running a background check needs to use caution when selecting a service.

The Instant Advertisement

A background check is not an instant service because it is not possible to pull all of the records and information needed in the check within the same day. In many cases, a real background check will take a couple of weeks or longer before all of the necessary data is made available.

While business owners and individuals might want to learn information about an individual immediately, legitimate services for background checks will not make false promises. Websites and services that promise instant results are often a rip-off. Anyone who has considered a background check through a website that offers a guarantee of results within 24 hours or less is looking at a rip-off website or false advertising.

A background check takes time because courts do not always release records quickly. The reason that websites or services might seem legitimate is because they use easily accessed public records to provide information. These data miners are taking advantage of consumers and business owners who need accurate and thorough information.

Information Provided By Instant Services

Understanding what information is provided and why it is important to beware of advertisements for instant service is the first step in avoiding the costly mistake of a rip-off website or service. By learning about the information provided, it is easier to catch problems before spending any money on the service.

Any company claiming to offer instant background check results is only providing the generic information provided in public records. This data is available to anyone who is seeking data from the public records and is not enough information to make important decisions about the individual and the likelihood that problems might occur.

Another problem with the instant background check service industry is that many companies do not provide accurate information. Data is often outdated or inaccurate to the individual. It is not uncommon for the data provided by the instant service to detail a different person. This is a risk that is associated with the instant service websites.

The information provided by instant websites is usually either public records that anyone can find out about, outdated data or inaccurate facts. These data miners are taking advantage of the public’s lack of awareness related to the background checks.

Finding Legitimate Services

Using caution while seeking a background check is important, but that does not mean it is impossible to find legitimate services. A legitimate background check is available through companies who have appropriate certification to seek all of the information.

Asking about certification is the first step of ensuring that the company is legitimate. Instant services are not certified and do not have the appropriate permissions to access information that is not available in public records. Certification is often provided to private investigators, some lawyers and legitimate background check companies that work with larger businesses.

Beyond looking for certification, consumers or business owners should look for contact information. A legitimate background check company will always have a physical address, a contact phone number and an email address. Before hiring any service, call the phone number and send an email to find out how fast the company provides a response and whether the phone is answered. Rip-off services often do not have contact information or only offer a P.O. Box.

The last part of avoiding a false advertisement is watching for that instant guarantee. A legitimate background check service will never provide a time-frame guarantee, particularly a short time period of 24 hours or less. Only rip-off companies make these guarantees. The legal and certified companies or individuals understand that courts will release records at varying times and thus cannot make any guarantees to consumers or businesses about the amount of time required.

Background checks are not an instant service and consumers need to use caution when seeking a legitimate service. The biggest red flag to look for is the promise of instant or fast results because many records are not possible to obtain within a few hours to one day.