Money Mama: Celebrity Nannies

It amazes us how celebrities can juggle filming or singing careers with maintaining million dollar appearances and raising kids. As it turns out, raising kids is the easy part. Pose for a few pictures, and fork over dough. Celebrity nanny jobs pay more on average than hedge-fund analysts, and in comparison to regular nannies, the difference is staggering. Just what does it take to be a well-paid nanny of a famous person’s child?


Job Description


You would hope that these pseudo mommies were well-compensated for their time, availability, and secrecy, and rest assured, they are indeed paid sufficiently. Considering they can make up to $185,000 a year, as indicated by Forbes, this job certainly comes with strong appeal. In addition to the six-figure salary, nannies are often given a brand new car, up to $10,000 in bonuses, and paid living quarters of their own. As an added luxury, designer handbags and other such trinkets are given as gifts to beloved caretakers for Christmas or birthdays.

Though being a mother of someone else’s child could be tough, it certainly pays well as a career choice, assuming you land a job as a nanny of a movie star.