Protecting Your Background: The Reputation Management Center

Background checks have long been customary in all types of screening processes. But nowadays, many pre-screening processes go beyond criminal records, credit and financial checks. Today, it’s just as likely for a prospective employer, client, landlord or admissions officer to drop your name in a Google search box and see what comes up. Whether or not you know it, that means you can win or lose opportunities, visibility or clout based upon the social and professional footprints you’ve made online.

The problem of a poisoned digital brand is especially pressing for business owners and brand managers. In the age of Yelp and Twitter, it’s crucial to respond to service complaints swiftly. Otherwise, negative consumer or employee reviews can haunt the name of a business for years.

Once they’re splashed across the web, highly personal or incriminating comments and photos can be difficult to take back. In many cases, months and years after we think negative content has been buried or removed, that content can resurface on third party sites or in web caches. Not only can this content do serious damage to your reputation, it can also lead to a number of troubling privacy breaches.

Consider the results of a recent Pew Research online privacy survey. Of 792 web users surveyed:

The Good News About Online Reputation Management

Controlling your online presence is difficult, but it is possible. Don’t forget — the sprawl and speed of the web makes it a perfect place to reinvent an image. With a little guidance, you can repair or rebuild a reputation without the help of an expensive and mysterious online reputation management company.

Whether you’re a student, a client services professional or a business owner, our reputation management portal is here to help you assess and regain control of your online information.

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