What You Should Know About Cyber Security

In today’s digital world, computers have become the primary way by which most people communicate and transact with each other. Whether it is through emails or connecting on social networks, a world without computers has quickly become unimaginable. Commercial transactions, storage of personal information, transmission of confidential information and a host of other information flows take place through the computer networks. While technology has certainly made the world a smaller place, it has also led to problems of data security or cyber security.

What is Cyber Security?

The application of software and technology to protect information stored on computers or transmitted on networks is known as cyber security. It serves to protect such information from deliberate acts of sabotage or ill- intent, natural calamities and even accidents caused by human and non-human sources. Sensitive information is very vulnerable without the protection accorded to it by effective cyber security measures.

Cyber security is a Defense

Today a computer or a network of computers can find threats from malware and spyware which finds its way into the computer and has the potential to send systems crashing. This malware can come in via emails or even downloads from legitimate websites. Constantly updated cyber security measures can help deal with the same.

Natural calamities or disasters can strike at any time and if information is lost irretrievably then it could even signal the closure of a business. In fact natural hazards are often identified as top threats by the futuristic minded IT expert, as far as any business or government entity goes. Cyber security measures like remote location data back up will be planned to cater to these possibilities.

Information loss can also take place by accident – an unqualified person handling the computers and its operations or even a person pressing the wrong buttons! Computer security measures will take care of this eventuality also.

Cyber terrorism is certainly on the rise. This can come in the form of disruption to computer networks in critical sectors like finance and power and even in government networks. The purpose being to cause as much chaos as possible. Such an intentional malafide action can be countered with up to date and smart computer security measures.

The Future of Cyber Security

Countries all across the world are recognizing the threat from transnational terror organizations, insufficient security measures and misuse of personal and privileged information. Accordingly, they are also recognizing the need for implementing strong cyber security measures. For instance, just a few months ago, the UK announced a £500 million infusion into its cyber security funds.